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NGC 3507: Spiral Galaxy (Leo) RA: 11h 03.4m / DEC: +18° 08'.1
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

This fine spiral lies in the belly of the beast. NGC 3507 is stationed in the body of Leo, just 3.5 degrees southwest of naked eye Delta (68) Leonis. The barred spiral is centered in my sketch, which presents 199X and 272X views in the 18-inch Dob. The galaxy covers roughly a 4'x3' area. The brighter core region is elongated east to west and is punctuated by a stellaring at the very center. A bright foreground star shines immediately to the east of NGC 3507's core. Of the two main spiral arms, the first to be seen is that west of the core. It curves northward and eventually makes the turn to the east. The other arm is suspected with averted vision as a ghostly arc north and east of the core. This image is framed by 13 stars ranging from 10th to 15th magnitude in brightness.

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