NGC/IC Objects

NGC 341: Galaxy (Cetus) RA: 01h 00'.8 / DEC: -09° 11'.1
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

You'll find NGC 341 about 2 degrees northwest of 3.5 magnitude Eta (31) Ceti. The view in my 10-inch at 129X shows 7.4 magnitude HD 5959 just inside the south border of the field. A 12th magnitude GSC star is at the center of the field and NGC 341 faintly glows 2'.4 to the south. The galaxy appears 1' across with a discernible stellaring at the core. It is listed at magnitude 15.5, which is probably a photographic magnitude. And that would translate to a visual magnitude somewhere in the neighborhood of 13.5-14.0.

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