NGC/IC Objects

NGC 3277: Spiral Galaxy (Leo Minor) RA: 10h 32.9m / DEC: +28° 30'.7
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

You'll find this little galaxy in south-central Leo Minor. 6.9 magnitude HD 90861 and 8.1 magnitude HD 90841 stand sentry just 41' west of NGC 3277. The sketch at left presents NGC 3277 as it appears at 190X in the 10-inch Starfinder. This 11.7 magnitude spiral features a stellar core embedded within a delicate 2'x1'.7 glow. Thirteen field stars complete the view. The brightest of these is a 10.7 magnitude sparkler 7' to the southwest just inside the field boundary.

NGC 3265 NGC 3294


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