Herschel 400 Objects

NGC 3190 & NGC 3193: Galaxy Pair (Leo) RA: 10h 18.1m / DEC: +21° 50'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

If you slew south about 1.5 degrees from 3.4 magnitude Adhafera (Zeta Leonis), you'll run smack dab into this fine pair. NGC 3193 is the brighter of the two. This 10.8 magnitude elliptical galaxy is stationed one arc minute south of a 9th magnitude GSC star. The galaxy covers a 2'.0X1'.7 area and has a surface brightness of 20.9 magnitude per square arc second. NGC 3190, an Sa-type spiral, is seen about 5' to the southwest. It is highly elongated across an 4'x1' area and oriented southeast-to-northwest. An 11th magnitude GSC star marks the halfway point between these star cities. NGC 3187, positioned near the northwest tip of NGC 3190, is not visible. This 13.4 magnitude spiral has a surface brightness of 23.9 magnitude per square arc second, which should prove challenging in any aperture under less than pristine skies.

NGC 3184 NGC 3198


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