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NGC 2974: Elliptical Galaxy (Sextans) RA: 09h 42.5m / DEC: -03° 42'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

NGC 2974 is classified as an elliptical galaxy but it appears more like a lenticular galaxy in the 10-inch. The sketch at left presents the view at 63X in my Newtonian. NGC 2974 covers a 6'x2' area and is elongated northeast-to-southwest. The 10.9 magnitude galaxy features a 12th magnitude GSC star at its northwest limit. Another 14 field stars complete the presentation. You'll find NGC 2974 in western Sextans just across the border from Hydra. The nearest bright star is 3.9 magnitude Iota (35) Hydrae, 2.6 degrees north-northwest of the galaxy.

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