NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2749 & Company: Galaxy Group (Cancer) RA: 09h 05.4m / DEC: +18° 18'.8
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The collection of galaxies in the sketch to the left resides 6.0 degrees east-southeast of the Praesepe, M44. My drawing represents views through 17-mm (141x) and 12-mm (199X) Nagler Type 4's in the Obsession. NGC 2744 is northernmost of the group, lieing just within the field boundary. A 13.5 magnitude barred spiral, NGC 2744 covers a 1'.5 x 0'.8 area. An 11th magnitude GSC star shines about 4'.5 to the east-northeast. About 9' to the east, NGC 2747 stands like a foggy stain on the sky. Its 0'.5 diameter form is teased into view under direct srutiny. But at 14.9 magnitude, it's not an obvious feature of the area. By contrast, 11.8 magnitude NGC 2749 seems barely able to contain himself. Its hazy form covers a 1'.5 x 1'.1 area about 8' south of the fainter companion. The most interesting galaxy in the field is NGC 2752. It stands near the eastern field boundary, 5'.5 northeast of NGC 2749 and just south of a bright stellar pairing. In the 18-inch, this galaxy displays the classic edge-on form. Wafer thin, NGC 2752 is aligned northeast-southwest across a 1'.7 x 0'.2 area. Many of the 30 or so stars that dot the field are quite faint. Some are barely acquainted with 17th magnitude.

NGC 2742 NGC 2767


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