NGC/IC Objects

NGC 273 to 275: Galaxy Grouping (Cetus) RA: 00h 50.9m / DEC: -06° 58'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Cetus, the Sea Monster, has swallowed more than his share of galaxies. This trio is located about 5 degrees northwest of 3.5 magnitude Eta (31) Ceti. They aren't terribly bright. NGC 273 weighs in with a visual magnitude of 13.0. NGCs 274 and 275, 11' to the south, have photographic magnitudes of 12.8 and 13.2, respectively. If you assume a 0.8 magnitude difference in B-V, then this pair have visual magnitudes in the 12.0 to 12.4 range. The sketch at left was made with the Meade 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian at 129X. NGC 273 appears 60"x30" in size. NGCs 274 and 275 cover equal 75"x45" areas. Both feature stellar cores. The bright star just east of the center of the field shines at 10th magnitude, according to the GSC. The other 14 field stars range from 10th to 15th magnitude.

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