NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2643: Galaxy (Cancer) RA: 08h 41.9m / DEC: +19° 42'.1
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

There's something almost miraculous about being able to look through an open star cluster to see tiny, faint galaxies several hundred million light-years beyond. The Beehive cluster, M44, is home to this stellar metropolis. Observed at 199X in the Obsession, NGC 2643 appears as a 36"x18" hazy glow just below center in the sketch at left. The 15.6 magnitude (P) galaxy is organized north-south with an 11.2 mag. star 1'.2 to the southeast. A pair of 8.5 mag. and 9.6 mag. stars are aligned east-west some 4' to the southwest. Another 24 members of the Praesepe dot the field. Before heading off for greener pastures, visit NGC 2637 just 9' to the west.

NGC 2637 NGC 2655


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