NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2624 & NGC 2625: Galaxy Pair (Cancer) RA: 08h 38.3m / DEC: +19° 43'.3
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The constellation Cancer, the Crab, is home to one of the best known and most observed clusters in the night sky. I'm speaking, of course, of the naked eye open star cluster M44, the Praesepe or Beehive Cluster. But seen amongst the stars of the Beehive, are objects of another sort: galaxies. The sketch at left records a 272X (8.8-mm UWA w/ Paracorr) view in the 18-inch. The two galaxies are NGC 2624 and NGC 2625. 14.0 magnitude NGC 2624 is shown west of center. It displays a faintly stellar core encased within a 0'.5 x 0'.3 hazy patch. Slightly elongated, it's aligned roughly north-northeast to south-southwest. The three stars closest to NGC 2624 range from 12th to 15th magnitude. Some 3'.2 to the east, the subtle glow of NGC 2625 emerges from the darkness. This 15.0 magnitude metropolis appears to have a faint star along its west side. Three stars, 13th to 14th magnitude in brightness, stand to the south.

NGC 2613 NGC 2627


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