NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2403: Spiral Galaxy (Camelopardalis) RA: 07h 36.5m / DEC: +65° 36'.7
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

All alone with a giraffe. That's the fate of this Sc-type spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis. A 10 degree by 7 degree field in MegaStar shows two other NGC/IC objects. That's it. The nearest bright star is 5.1 magnitude 42 Camelopardali, about 5 degrees to the northwest. However, despite the isolated location, this is a fantastic object in moderate aperture. My sketch presents an 82X view in the Starfinder 10-inch Newtonian. NGC 2403 is centered. Its 8.4 magnitude glow is spread over a 7'x4' area. The northeast and southwest edges appear noticeably brighter than the inner nebulosity. Three 10th and 11th magnitude GSC stars are seen in the foreground. A pair of 8th magnitude GSC stars are visible about 8'.7 from the galaxy.

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