NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2355: Open Star Cluster (Gemini) RA: 07h 17.0m / DEC: +13° 45'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

You might begin the star hop to this pretty little cluster at 3.6 magnitude Lambda (54) Geminorum. Slew 2.8 degrees to south, just a skosh to the west and you're there. The sketch at left records NGC 2355's appearance in my 10-inch Newtonian at 129X. The brightest star in the field is 7.8 magnitude HD 56329, offset about 4' north of center. The star cluster is an equal distance south of center. NGC 2355 is 9' in diameter, according to Lynga. Many of the stars visible in my scope are 13th magnitude and fainter little stinkers. About 20 are recorded in my drawing. The brightest cluster member shines at about 11th magnitude and is seen along the eastern edge of the swarm of fainter members. In all, some 33 cluster stars are shown. Another 37 field stars frame the view. While you're in the area, swing due east about 2.5 degrees for a look at NGC 2395.

NGC 2354 NGC 2359-Thor's Helmet


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