NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2273: Barred Spiral Galaxy (Lynx) RA: 06h 50.1m / DEC: +60° 50'.8
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This faint little galaxy is located in far northern Lynx. 5.3 magnitude 14 Lyncis lies just 1.4 degrees to the south. 4.9 magnitude 12 Lyncis shines 1.5 degrees to the south-southwest. The sketch at left presents NGC 2273 as a 2' diameter nebulous patch with a strikingly bright stellar core region. A pair of 8th magnitude stars stand east and north of the SBb-type galaxy. The sparkler 5' to the north is 8.6 magnitude HD 49039. Another 8 field stars complete the portrait.

NGC 2266 NGC 2359-Thor's Helmet


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