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NGC 2024 "Flame Nebula": Emission Nebula (Orion) RA: 05h 41.7m / DEC: -01° 51'.4
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Orion is the center of the winter sky. Within his borders, you will find several deep-sky wonders: the great M42 and the Horsehead nebula, for example. In fact, while you're searching for the Horsehead, you should run into this guy. NGC 2024 is commonly known as the Flame nebula. This bright emission nebula is located 14' east of 1.7 magnitude Alnitak, the bright star near the west field boundary in my sketch. Alnitak is the eastern-most star of three which form the hunter's belt. The Flame nebula is the product of bright and dark nebulae. In my sketch, which presents a 129X view in the 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian, most of the 40' wide field is enveloped in nebulosity. A combination of brighter sections frame the intrusion of a foreground dark nebula in the region of the Flame. A triangular arrangement of 12th and 13th magnitude GSC stars marks the spot. Another 20 field stars complete the view.

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