Herschel 400 Objects

NGC 1999: Emission Nebula (Orion) RA: 05h 36.4m / DEC: -06° 43'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

NGC 1999 is a large emission nebula standing in the shadow of the great M42. The Orion nebula dominates this region of the winter sky. But if you stray about 1.3 degrees to the south, you'll run into NGC 1999, which is presented in the sketch at left. Drawn at 129X, the rendering captures the view in my 10-inch Meade Starfinder equatorial Newtonian. NGC 1999 is centered, a 1'.5 circular nebulosity surrounding 10th magnitude GSC 4778:1138. Lynds gives a 21'.5x18'.0 size for NGC 1999. I need to revisit this object under skies darker than those over my back deck.

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