NGC/IC Objects

NGC 1762: Galaxy (Orion) RA: 05h 03.6m / DEC: +01° 34'.4
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

NGC 1762 is a 12.6 magnitude star city nestled deep among the stars of Orion. You'll find this spiral galaxy 1.3 degrees east of 4.5 magnitude Pi6 (10) Orionis. NGC 1762 appears 1' in diameter at 129X in my 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian. A faint stellaring at the core is discernible. Of the 30 field stars shown, the brightest is 8.9 magnitude HD 287487, about 9' northwest of NGC 1762. While in the area check out another faint galaxy, NGC 1691, 2.8 degrees to the northwest.

NGC 1758 NGC 1788


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