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NGC 1545: Open Star Cluster (Perseus) RA: 04h 20.9m / DEC: +50° 15'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

The NGC 1545 region offers a grand mixture of bright and faint stars, loose and tangled, over a large area. A low power 36X view in my 10-inch is presented in the sketch at left. The cluster is positioned just south of center. 7.1 magnitude HD 27292 anchors NGC 1545's core. About 7' to the north, 7th magnitude GSC 3337:19 marks the cluster's northern boundary. Approximately 15 cluster members are strewn about an 18' diameter area. 7.1 magnitude HD 27292 shines 15' to the southeast. 4.6 magnitude HD 26961 stands sentry 26' due west. 5.6 magnitude HD 27192 is visible 40' north of NGC 1545, just inside the field boundary. Another 34 field stars frame the view. You'll find NGC 1545 2.3 degrees due east of 4.3 magnitude Lambda (47) Persei. While in the area, check out NGC 1513 just 2 degrees to the southwest.

NGC 1535 NGC 1647


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