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NGC 129: Open Star Cluster (Cassiopeia) RA: 00h 29.9m / DEC: +60° 12'.6
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This rich open star cluster is located in central Cassiopeia. 2.3 magnitude Caph, Beta (11) Cassiopeiae, shines about 3 degrees to the southwest. My sketch records the view in my 10-inch Starfinder at 63X. NGC 129 is slightly south of center. The bright star just inside the south field boundary is 5.9 magnitude HD 2626. The center of the cluster lies 15' to the north. 8.9 magnitude HD 236429 marks the spot. Surrounding this star are 25 cluster members ranging from 11th to 13th magnitude. 6.5 magnitude NGC 129 is 21' in diameter, according to Lynga. About 50 field stars frame the view. While you're in the area, check out NGC 225, 2.3 degrees to the northeast.

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