NGC/IC Objects

NGC 1275: Galaxy Cluster (Perseus) RA: 03h 19.8m / DEC: +41° 30'.7
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Galaxy clusters are among my favorite objects to observe. Just the thought that several star cities, each home to hundreds of billions of stars, can be contained within a single eyepiece field is mind boggling to me. Here's one presenting a good challenge for observers with moderate aperture, between 8- and 12-inches. The Perseus cluster includes more than 40 galaxies within a one degree area. My drawing with the 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian was made at 129X. Eight galaxies are visible, NGCs 1268, 1270, 1272, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1278 and 1282. They range in brightness from magnitude 11.7 (1272) to 14.0 (1274). NGC 1275 is just 0.1 magnitude fainter than NGC 1272, which makes this pair the lords of the cluster. You'll find the Perseus cluster about 2 degrees east-northeast from Algol, the Demon Star.

NGC 1245 NGC 1342


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