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NGC 1049: Globular Cluster (Fornax) RA: 02h 39.8m / DEC: -34° 15'.4
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

NGC 1049 is the brightest of six globular star clusters known to be associated with the Fornax Dwarf galaxy. My sketch presents a 272X view in the big Obsession. The cluster is centered. NGC 1049 displays a bright stellar core region, which is embedded within a 50" diameter diffuse glow. At an estimated distance of 570,000 light-years, the brightest members of this remote cluster shine at a paltry 18.4 magnitude. More typically, its members simmer at 21.3 magnitude. NGC 1049 was discovered by the late John Herschel during his 1834 to 1838 expedition to South Africa. Its parent galaxy, however, was not discovered until 1938 by Harlow Shapley. Since then, another five globular clusters associated with the Fornax Dwarf have been discovered. You'll find NGC 1049 about 3 degrees southwest of 4.5 magnitude Beta Fornacis.

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