NGC/IC Objects

NGC 1022: Galaxy (Cetus) RA: 02h 38.5m / DEC: -06° 40'.7
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This 11.3 magnitude star city resides in eastern Cetus. 5.5 magnitude 80 Ceti and 5.9 magnitude 77 Ceti are paired about 1.5 degrees to the southwest. The sketch at left captures the view in my 10-inch at 82X. NGC 1022 is slightly elongated east-southeast to west-northwest across a 2'.3x2'.0 area. A triangular arrangement of 10th and 11th magnitude GSC stars are shown 12' to the west. Another 7 field stars frame the view.

NGC 1003 NGC 1023


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