Lunar Eclipse: January 20, 2000


People throughout the Americas were treated to a beautiful total eclipse of the Moon on the night of January 20-21, 2000. Totality began at 11:05 PM (EST), January 20, and ended at 12:23 AM (EST), January 21. These photographs show the progression of the eclipse. The first was taken at 10:45 PM (EST), January 20, about 20 minutes before the last sliver of Moon entered Earth's shadow. The last was taken at 12:45 AM (EST), January 21, about 20 minutes after totality ended. All were captured using a Nikon F3 mounted at the prime focus of my Meade 10-inch Starfinder. The first six exposures were shot on Kodak Gold 200 color print film. The last five were shot on Fujinon Superia 200 color print film. Exposure times ranged from 1/500-second to 1/125-second before and after totality. During totality, exposure times ranged from 1/8-second to 8-seconds. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

8:40 PM MST: 1/500-second exposure at prime focus (f/4.5) on Kodak Gold 200 color print film 8:45 PM MST: 1/125-second exposure 8:50 PM MST: 1/8-second exposure
9:00 PM MST: 1-second exposure 9:05 PM MST: 2-second exposure 9:10 PM MST: 8-second exposure
9:30 PM MST: 8-second exposure on Fujinon Superia 200 color print film 10:20 PM MST: 4-second exposure 10:25 PM MST: 4-second exposure
10:30 PM MST: 1/125-second exposure 10:40 PM MST: 1/250-second exposure

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