NGC/IC Objects

Minkowski 2-9 "Minkowski's Butterfly": Planetary Nebula (Ophiuchus) RA: 17h 05.6m / DEC: -10° 08'.5
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Now, this is an object that responds well to magnification. My sketch presents a 452X view in the big Obsession. Minkowski 2-9, Minkowski's Butterfly, is centered. The 15th magnitude central star is plainly visible. Slender nebulous fingers extend north and south of this ember. Each is about 25" long, giving the butterfly a 50" width. A 15th or 16th magnitude star stands 45" to th west-northwest. The other four stars in my drawing include two that glow in the mid-14's and two in the 15's.

McNeil's Nebula Pease 1


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