May 9, 1999 05:20 UT
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Apparent diameter: 16".0
Phase: 99%
CM: 87°

The North Polar Region appears roughly 2" across and egg-shaped, the broad end of the egg toward the following (west) limb and the narrow end pointing toward the preceding (east) limb. The dark border around the North Polar Region is readily discernible for extended periods. Mare Boreum shows as a dusky region surrounding the NPR. Baltia, Mare Acidalium and Niliacus Lacus are visible extending south from M. Boreum with Mare Acidalium along the preceding limb.

The junction between Baltia and M. Acidalium has a "dogleg to the left" appearance complex in my 10-inch Newtonian. Nilokeras and Idacus Fons combine to form a subtle, somewhat mottled extension reaching from Niliacus Lacus toward the Central Meridian. A narrow gap between the regions is visible. A small dark patch in Arcadia is visible as is a circular 1".5 diameter brightening over Tempe. The Propontis complex appears as a uniform dark wedge--very subtle in contrast--along the following limb.

Most features in the Southern hemisphere are found along the preceding and south limbs. Eos and Aurorae Sinus extend from the preceding limb. Pyrrhae Regio is visible as a lighter section between Mare Erythraeum and Protei Regio. Solis Lacus is visible, a lenticular dark patch between Aurorae Sinus and Aonius Sinus. Aonius Sinus is a darkening tracing the south limb. Argyre is the whitish slice along the limb. The white coloration is perhaps due to clouds in the Argyre basin. Mars continues to show a peach-tan mix of coloration. The sketch at left records the view in my 10-inch at 388X. All-in-all, this rates among the better views I've had this opposition.

May 19, 1999 April 19, 1999


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