Messier Objects

M38: Open Star Cluster (Auriga) RA: 05h 28.7m / DEC: +35° 51'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This is the third Messier open cluster in Auriga. The others are M36 and M37. M38 is located 2.3 degrees northwest of M36 with a row of three bright stars pointing the way. Lynga lists a size of 21' and a population of 100 stars for M38. It's loosely organized appearance made it difficult to determine a size but my drawing records some 40 member stars and 20 field stars. This view is made more interesting by the presence of NGC 1907, a small open cluster half-a-degree to the south. NGC 1907 is visible as a small fuzzy patch just inside the southern edge of the field. My sketch presents view at 36X in my 10-inch.

M37 M39


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