Messier Objects

M35: Open Star Cluster (Gemini) RA: 06h 09.0m / DEC: +24° 21'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

M35 is an open star cluster sitting at the feet of the twins, 2.3 degrees northwest of 3.3 magnitude Eta Geminorum. The sketch at left records M35's appearance at 36X in my 10-inch Newtonian. The cluster has an integrated visual magnitude of 5.1 and covers an expanse of nearly 30 arc minutes. Four relatively bright stars, 7th to 9th magnitude, are aligned at the center. 5.8 magnitude 5 Geminorum blazes about 35' to the east. Lynga lists a stellar population of approximately 200 for M35. My drawing records some 25 members. NGC 2158, also an open cluster, resides less than half-a-degree southwest of M35. The sketch at left shows this 8.6 magnitude cluster as a fuzzy patch about 5' across. The smaller NGC 2158 is believed to have about twice as many stars as M35. Its smaller, fainter appearance is due to being more than four-times as far from Earth as the Messier cluster.

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