Messier Objects

M30: Globular Star Cluster (Capricornus) RA: 21h 40.4m / DEC: -23° 10'.8
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

M30 is conveniently positioned just 25' west of 5.2 magnitude 41 Capricorni. The globular cluster's appearance is captured in the sketch at left, inspired by the view in my 10-inch Newtonian at 129X. The bright star west of M30 is 8.6 magnitude HD 206034. M30 appears 6' across with two branches of 13th magnitude stars reaching out from the bright, condensed core. 41 Capricorni is just outside the field of view to the east.

M29 M31-Andromeda Galaxy, M32 and M110


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