Messier Objects

M28: Globular Star Cluster (Sagittarius) RA: 18h 24.6m / DEC: -24° 52'.2
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Most amateur astronomers begin the search for one of the best globular clusters in the summer sky by centering on Lambda Sagittarii, the 2.8 magnitude star at the top of the Teapot asterism. A wide field view will reveal a faint circular glow about a degree to the northwest. The novice observer might mistake this for the great globular star cluster, M22. It's not. That glowing orb is M28, also a globular cluster and also impressive. The sketch at left, made at 190X in the 10-inch Starfinder, shows a 6' diameter spherically shaped cluster surrounded by 28 field stars. M28 features a tightly packed core and several 13th magnitude members resolved across the face of the cluster. This is a fine object that takes high magnification quite well.

M27-Dumbbell Nebula M29-Little Sisters


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