Messier Objects

M25: Open Star Cluster (Sagittarius) RA: 18h 31.7m / DEC: -19° 14'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

M25 is another of the fine open star clusters in Sagittarius. It resides about 3 degrees east-southeast of M24 and 6.3 degrees north-northeast of Lambda Sagittarii. The view through my 10-inch is captured in the sketch at left, which was drawn at 129X. The cluster spans nearly the entire field, about 30 arc minutes. The brightest members are a pair of 7th and 8th magnitude stars near the center of the cluster. These are surrounded by tight grouping of 11th and 12th magnitude stars. My sketch records 75 stars in all, including a Cepheid variable. U Sagittarii, the western star of the center pair, varies from magnitude 6.3 to 7.1 over a 6.745-day period.

M24-Milky Way Star Cloud M26


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