May 24, 2005 04:47 UT
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Apparent diameter: 41"
Sys II CM: 240°

Jupiter in the big Dob is quite a remarkable sight. At 272X (Meade 8.8-mm UWA), a wealth of subtle detail emerges to the eye. The most prominent features are the North and South Equatorial Belts. The North Temperate Belt (NTB), which has been quite prominent in years past, appears as a dusky band barely separable from the North North Temperate Zone (NNTZ) and North Polar Region (NPR). A dark barge stains the southern edge of the NEB just preceding the central meridian. A deep rift tears through the NEB from a point along the preceding edge of this dark feature and angling gradually northward through the belt toward the following limb. A festoon trails behind and connects with the wispy Equatorial Belt (EB).

The South Polar Region (SPR) is duskier than its northern counterpart. Several belts are seens as barely detectable against the background haze. The SEB is split longitudinally and scalloped along the north and south edges. The southern edge is marked by a a pair of dark splotches bracketing the CM. Overall, the planet has a general tannish-brown hue. The NEB and SEB are deeper, darker renditions of this color, particularly the chocolate brown NEB.

Jupiter January 22, 2002


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