NGC/IC Objects

IC 418: Planetary Nebula (Lepus) RA: 05h 27.5m / DEC: -12° 41'.8
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

This is one object that makes me wish I drew in color. IC 418 is centered in the sketch at left. The drawing captures a 272X view in my 18-inch Obsession. The most stunning feature of this tiny planetary is its distinctive raspberry hue. I kid you not; at low magnification, IC 418 displays an obvious bluish-red hue. This defining characteristic has led some amateurs to nickname IC 418 the "Raspberry Nebula," and that's all right with me. Under direct scrutiny, the nebulosity flashes its technicolor best then slowly dissolves to invisibility. With averted vision, the nebula returns to its full--albeit colorless--form. The 12" diameter nebula enwraps a 10th magnitude central star. Another 16 stars dot the field in my drawing, most of which are 14th or 15th magnitude in brightness.

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