NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 62: Galaxy Cluster (Virgo) RA: 12h 53.6m / DEC: -09° 12'.3
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

This compact collection is located in southern Virgo, about 5 1/2 degrees southwest of 4.4 magnitude Theta (51) Virginis. 7.2 magnitude HD 112036 lies just beyond the field boundary to the northeast. 9.4 magnitude HD 111960 shares the field and shines just 1'.4 south of NGC 4778, otherwise known as Hickson 62A. This 13.5 (B) magnitude galaxy covers just a 30" diameter area near the center of my drawing, which captures a 199X view in the 18-inch. Hickson 62B, NGC 4776, lies immediately to the west. To my eye, this galaxy appears larger and brighter than its neigher to the east. NGC 4776 covers an 1' diameter area and displays a stellar core. However, the published data indicated this galaxy to be nearly half a magnitude fainter and only 2/3's the size of NGC 4778. Hmmm?

NGC 4761 is the 14.8 (B) magnitude galaxy stationed 1' east of NGC 4778. This 20" diameter smudge is Hickson 62C. It is even in brightness, featureless and consistently visible under direct scrutiny. More challenging, is Hickson 62D. This faint little stinker is stationed 2' southeast of HD 111960. Also known as NGC 4764, Hickson 62D appears similar in size to NGC 4761 but, being a full magnitude fainter, is strictly an averted vision object in the big Dobsonian.

Hickson 61 Hickson 67


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