Autumn Deep-sky Tour


The autumn sky is a mathematicians candy store. It is adorned with squares, triangles and pentagons. Pegasus, the winged horse in ancient mythology, is familiar to contemporary backyard observers as The Great Square asterism. The brightest star in the Great Square actually belongs to another constellation, Andromeda, home to magnificent M31. Triangulum is a small constellation just south of Andromeda. It is also home to the Pinwheel galaxy, M33. A pentagonal grouping of stars forms the head of Cetus, the sea monster. Secreted away amidst these autumn showcases are a host of celestial delights. All are galaxies, star cities shining with the light of billions of stars, made dim by the unimaginable expanse of space separating us from them. The links below will take you to illustrated star hops for these treats of the autumn sky.

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy | NGC 404 | M33-The Pinwheel Galaxy | NGC 891 | M77 | NGC 584 & NGC 596 | NGC 7331 & Stephan's Quintet | NGC 7479 |

Seasonal Sky Tours M31-The Andromeda Galaxy


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