NGC/IC Objects

Abell 30: Planetary Nebula (Cancer) RA: 08h 46.9m / DEC: +17° 52'.7
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Abell 30 is a challenging object. This 15.6 (P) magnitude planetary resides in central Cancer, just 36' southeast of 3.9 magnitude Delta (47) Cancri. My drawing records 272X and 199X views in the 18-inch Obsession, with and without an OIII filter. Brighter eastern and western portions of Abell 30 are first to emerge when the OIII is slid into position. After a few minutes observing, a general nebulous glow is seen to cover a 1'.5 diameter area. The 14.3 magnitude central star is fairly obvious in both eyepieces. It's part of a four-star keystone asterism, the others being 13th and 14th magnitude. A 10.2 magnitude star stands sentry just inside the northeast field edge, some 8' from Abell 30. Another 26 stars frame the view.

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