NGC/IC Objects

Abell 20: Planetary Nebula (Canis Minor) RA: 07h 23.0m / DEC: +01° 45'.6
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The sketch at left represents a combination of 272X and 199X views in the 18-inch. A 9.9 magnitude star lies just west of center. If you look 3'.2 to the east, you'll notice the subtle form of Abell 20. This 16th magnitude (P) planetary nebula emerges with the help of an OIII filter and is set amongst a group of 15th and 16th magnitude stars. A faint star appears centered within the 40" diameter nebulosity. This [i]may[/i] be the 16.6 magnitude central star. Images show Abell 20 as annular in form. This is suggested by the somewhat brighter edge of the nebula in the 18-inch. Four faint stars are arranged in a square pattern immediately to the west. Four more faint embers glow nearby to the south. Another 19 stars frame the view.

Abell 12 Abell 21


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