NGC/IC Objects

NGC 3801 & Co.: Galaxy Cluster (Leo) RA: 11h 40.3m / DEC: +17° 43'.7
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

This fine collection of stellar metropolises resides in eastern Leo, just above the tail of the beast. five galaxies are presented in the sketch at left, which was made at 199X in the big Obsession. Three are clustered near the center. Among these is NGC 3801, brightest and southern-most of the trio. This 12.0 magnitude galaxy is aligned west-northwest to east-southeast in the 18-inch and covers a 1'.5x0'.4 area. About 2'.4 to the north, 13.3 magnitude NGC 3802 appears as a pencil thin slash of light. Just 1'.2x0'.1 in dimension, this galaxy is east-west aligned. Another 2' to the north, the subtle mark of NGC 3803 emerges to the eye. This is best seen with averted vision, appearing barely non-stellar at just 20" in size and no published visual magnitude.

Two other galaxies are seen. NGC 3790 stands just inside the southwest field boundary. This 14.9 (B) magnitude object is arranged northwest to southeast over a 1'x0'.4 area. Opposite NGC 3790 at the norhteast edge, NGC 3806's oval form paints the sky with a delicate light. This 1' diameter galaxy has a visual magnitude of 13.6, according to the photometry listed on the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database site. The field is peppered by 14 stars. The brightest is 9.2 magnitude HD 101485, among the grouping south of NGC 3806. The others range from 12th to 15th magnitude in brightness.

Copeland's Septet NGC 3810


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